The 8th International Congress of Travel Journalists and Tourism Professionals will take place on September 4th in the city of Iguazú, with free admission and for all audiences. This event, which for five years has been part of the International Congresses and Conventions Association (ICCA), is managed by the World Travel Journalism Organization with the full support of the Iguazú Convention Bureau, and is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism of the province of Misiones, the Municipality of Iguazú and the Tourism Entity, as well as the Hotel Mercure Iguazú.

Aerolíneas Argentinas is the official transporter and other hotels such as Panoramic Grand, Falls Iguazú, YvY Hotel, Loi Suites and La Selva Village also sponsor the Congress and its different parallel activities. The travel agencies Cuenca del Plata, Lemanja Turismo and Sol Iguazú sponsor each of the trips that travel journalists from all over the world will carry out.

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